Nonsense Alphabet  by Edward Lear

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Серия упражнений к песенке "How are you?" из УМК Chatterbox1 Oxford University Press.


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Favourite Nursery Rhymes

Amazing Big Ben

Did you know that to reach "Big Ben" - London's famous four-faced clock at the Houses of Parliament you need to walk-up 334 steps? Did you know that pennies are used in a special way for the clock's operation? 

This video - by Guy Fox - provides delightful background on the inner workings of one of the most-recognized clocks (and beautifully chiming bells) in the world.

Clip from Guy Fox video on Big Ben, online courtesy GuyFoxTV's channel at YouTube. Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes.

I hope you like studing new words and, of course, drill them in different ways. Why not doing word searching or crosswords?


Where Is Your Friend?
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